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14 Jan 2022
How To Grow Godetia From Seed
A native North American wildflower, Godetia flowers are filled with charm and stunning coloring. Godetia blooms mark the transition from spring into summer, flowering from June all the way through August. The cup-shaped flowers with patterned heart-shaped petals shine anywhere they are planted.

All About Godetia

29 Dec 2021
How To Grow Lupines From Seed

The tall, brightly colored flower spires of Lupines are just one of the reasons they are a popular garden flower. There are hundreds of species and cultivars to choose from, and many Lupines are native to North America. Lupines impressive flower display deserves a space in the garden where it...

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23 Dec 2021
Beginner's Guide to Growing Sunflowers
The classic sunflower, beloved by gardeners and home decorators alike, is easy to grow and provides ample benefit to the garden and landscape. Every garden needs at least one sunflower variety, and with the hundreds of options to choose from, it's an adventure in itself to pick one. The quintessential...

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Hand Packed High Quality Non-GMO Gardening Seeds

Isla's Garden Seed Company: Established with the love and passion of growing fresh fruits and vegetables.  The special feeling of life when a sprout escapes from seed is a joyful experience for all.  Share the experience with children and spread the knowledge of life from seeds.  There is a rewarding feeling of growing your own vegetables, and we at Isla's Garden want to share the feeling with the world.  We care about your satisfaction and your results and most of all our quality of seeds and service.  Our mission is to keep smiles sprouting around the world.

About Isla's Garden: Why we Garden

Welcome To Your New Garden

The most amazing thing about gardening is that there are little to no barriers to getting started. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, if you have full or limited mobility, or if you are young or old. It doesn't even matter if you have lots of lands or just a small shelf in front of a sunny window. Everyone can grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit if they desire. It does take time and sometimes a lot of patience, yet the rewards are well worth the minor investments. At Isla Seeds, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality heirloom seeds at affordable prices so everyone can experience the joy of gardening. There are so many vegetable seeds to choose from and there are sure to be some that appeal to your taste buds, curiosity, and aesthetic desires. We love gardening and we are so happy to be sharing this love with you.

Gardens Give Variety!

There are many reasons to start a garden. The top one being that there is nothing quite like enjoying vegetables at the very peak of their freshness that you grew yourself. It seems strange that a cucumber picked from the home garden can taste so intensely different from one purchased at a store, yet it is undeniable. The main reason for the huge taste difference is time. The cucumber from the grocery store had to be picked, transported and displayed on a shelf for you to find it. Sometimes, the transportation is quite a long distance, thousands of miles. During all that time, from the moment the cucumber is picked to the moment you choose it off the shelf, it is deteriorating in flavor. The longer it takes for that cucumber to reach you, the more bland and tasteless it will be.

On the other hand, the cucumber that you picked from your garden only had to be transported to your kitchen and hopefully didn't sit too long before you ate it. The freshness is beyond comparison. There is also the fact that you grew this cucumber yourself, your determination and dedication are also part of the flavor of this vegetable and it tastes all the sweeter because of it. We have become so accustomed to the taste and variety of supermarket vegetables that it may come as a surprise that there are such differences in flavor. One of the other wonderful things about gardening is the variety. At the store, you may see 2, maybe 3, different types of cucumbers but did you know there are dozens of varieties? When you have your own garden, you can grow all types of fruits and vegetables. There are likely types of vegetables you've never had before because your supermarket doesn't sell them. Don't let the supermarket be the determiner of your diet and health. There are so many delicious choices and who knows, you may just find a new favorite! My local markets don't carry okra because there isn't a demand for it. I grow it every year, several different varieties, in fact, because it's one of my favorites.

Gardens Improve Your Health!

The third great thing about having a garden is that is will improve your health. All those vegetables are good for you! Just don't smother them in butter. Studies show that people who grow their own fruits and vegetables eat more fruits and vegetables and therefore have better overall health as compared to those who just get them from the supermarket. It really is that easy to make a change in your health, all you have to do is take the first step and get yourself some seeds to plant.

There is also the increased time you will spend outdoors if you have an outside garden. If you are able to have a large garden, tending to it will have you outside on a regular and consistent basis getting fresh air, moving around, and being physically active. Now, it's no marathon running or anything, but any time spent outdoors working closely with the earth is beneficial to our bodies and mind.

Even if you only have space for a few garden pots in the windowsill, connecting with nature and watching something grow from your efforts is therapeutic. Gardening has been shown to be beneficial for people who are depressed, struggle with addictions, have dementia, and other issues. Tending a garden gives purpose. The life and success of your plants are your responsibility and if you want to have fresh vegetables and herbs, then you need to look after and nurture your plants. They need you.

Gardening is For The Family!

Gardening is a fantastic project for the entire family. Not only do adults eat more vegetables when they grow them themselves, but kids do also! Kids who scoff at lettuce and broccoli have been known to suddenly have a change of heart when it is lettuce they have started and grown from seed. Broccoli is no longer that weird green tree thing that mom gets at the store; it is something the child has watched grow from seed to seedling, to immature plant, to full-grown stalk. It is fascinating, intriguing, and piques the natural curiosity of children.

Starting a garden is a great way to get kids away from the screens and outside enjoying and participating in nature on a consistent basis, even if it is only for a little bit each day. Gardening also teaches important life lessons. If a garden isn't tended, what happens? How important is patience when waiting for a tomato to grow?  Gardening opens the door for teaching about our earth and soil and its importance in our lives. Even as adults, we often forget that soil is what makes the earth livable. If we couldn't grow food, how would we survive? And, there is also the importance of the many creepy crawlies in the garden to the health of the soil. Earthworms, bees, butterflies, and a whole host of other insects literally provide us with the environment necessary to grow plants.

Gardens Save Money!

The final great benefit of having a garden is financial. Growing vegetables is much less expensive than purchasing them at the store. Plus, for the variety and fresh flavor, you are getting way more for your money when you have your own garden.  Gardening isn't always the easiest. Sometimes it goes really well without much effort and sometimes it definitely does not. There are a lot of variables that go into successful plants. However, all a person needs to do is provide the correct soil, sun, and water for the specific plant and they are 95% on their way to success.

No More Excuses

Common reasons I hear from people as to why they don't garden is that they don't have the space, time, or ability. To all of those, I say nonsense. Anybody who wants to garden can, even with limited space, time, experience, and funds. The reason these excuses exist is that there is a common misconception as to what a garden is or has to be. When you ask someone what a garden looks like, they will most likely tell you about a tilled square space of land outside of a house. While one hundred years ago, this might have been the most common type of garden, it is by no means the only type of garden. In fact, there are so many varieties of gardens, the only thing limiting what your garden looks like is your imagination. I've compiled a short list of different garden types to get your creativity flowing. This is by no means a comprehensive list. It is meant to give you some ideas, open your mind to possibilities, and quit using available space as an excuse! Of course, you can use any of these ideas in combination with each other. Create what works for you!

A Garden That Fits You

Outdoor Garden Plot

This is the classic idea of a garden. A square space outdoors, small or large, in which seeds are planted every year. This space is wide open, usually unprotected from the elements, and expandable. If you have the space in your yard, this is the best option since it allows for a much bigger growing space than other options. It means you can plant more and you can choose plants that take up more space, like pumpkins and corn. This is not the type of garden for you if you, of course, don't have the space. It also isn't a good choice for those with limited time to commit to gardening. While gardening doesn't take heaps of time, it does take some and a garden that isn't tended enough will succumb to its neglect and not produce well. You should plan on having at least 4-5 hours per week for the garden. This will vary of course depending on what you are planting and how big the space it, but it is a good basic guideline. 

Raised Bed Gardens

Raised bed gardens generally need less weeding, are less prone to bug infestations and are easier to maintain. The downside is that they can be more expensive. Raised beds can be quite expensive to buy plus you'll need to fill them all with soil. 

Deck or Porch Gardens

If the yard is not an option, a porch or deck can be a great place to grow plants. A lot will depend on how much sun you get in these places. Not all vegetables need a lot of sun so don't be discouraged if your deck or porch isn't located in the perfect spot. The types of vegetables you grow may be limited but it doesn't mean it is impossible to grow anything.  The size of the deck or porch garden depends entirely on the size of the space.

Vegetables and flowers are planted in containers or pots and placed outside on the deck or porch. This type of garden gives you lots of choices. If you are short on time or money, you can set up just a few containers. Or, you can cover the entire deck with planted pots and enjoy a large variety of vegetables. There are some vegetables that don't grow well in pots so there will be some limit to the options. This type of garden allows for flexibility in ways that an outdoor only garden doesn't. If there is space indoors for plants, you can have them outdoors during warm weather and then bring them indoors for the winter or cold weather.  

Indoor Container Garden

 Vegetables can be grown indoors! Most will need a sunny window spot, access to fresh air and water, and space to expand. Growing indoors requires paying a lot more attention to the type and size of the plants you choose to grow. Many vegetables have dwarf varieties and these are usually the best choice for indoor gardens.  If you have a lot of indoor windowsill space, a lot of vegetables can be grown. If you only have a little space, a few can be grown. An indoor garden is easier to tend because you don't need to make any trips outside to check on things. It will likely require closer attention, however, to make sure the plants are getting everything they need to thrive. 

Hanging Basket Garden

 Even if you have no outdoor space, no deck space, and no indoor shelf space, all is not lost. Often we forget about a whole different option that can be leveraged: vertical space. It will take a little extra effort at first to determine which plants are the best choices and how to set them up for maximum success but you will find that there are still lots of options. Dwarf tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, strawberries, peas, and lettuce are just a few of the vegetables that will be happy in a hanging basket.

A Garden For Your Schedule

When you are thinking about your garden, be realistic as to how much time you truly have to commit to it. First-time gardeners, in particular, can get overexcited and plant way too much. This is a sure way to end up with a garden fail and maybe go off gardening for a while. I see this happen all the time and it makes me so sad. 

If the garden seems like work, then it loses some of its value and becomes a chore instead of a joy. Then, the following year when you think about planting, all you remember is the chore of it and decide its not for you. It doesn't have to be like that, though. All you need to do is be realistic, contain your first-time gardener excitement, and start small. Always start small! Even if you have a large space, work yourself up to it so you can see just how much time it requires before committing to a big space unconditionally.

There are vegetables and flowers that require consistent, regular, care. There are vegetables and flowers that need very little. Read up on the care requirements of the vegetables you want to plant. It may mean you are not able to plant your favorite and that's ok. It is better to have success with the ones you plant than to have failures because you didn't listen to yourself and acknowledge your time constraints.

A Garden For Your Ability

One of the most fantastic things about gardening is that there isn't a huge skill barrier to get started. It's not like snowboarding or mountain climbing where a lot of experience is necessary to become good at it. Sure, folks who have been gardening a long time have lots of valuable expertise and advice to give but it isn't crucial to a gardens' success. 

As mentioned above, there are plants that require lots of care and others that seem to be fine on their own for stretches of time. If you are new to gardening, choose the easier vegetables. There are so many vegetables to grow with so many varieties in each type that there are sure to be ones that suit you and your skill level. There is nothing wrong with starting with 2-3 plants in containers and expanding it as your skills grow. That way, even if you fail for the first 2-3 plants, there wasn't a lot invested and hopefully, some lessons were learned to make the next time a success. 

Gardeners who have limited physical ability also have a lot of choices when it comes to maintaining a garden. Raised bed gardens can be designed for wheelchair users and elderly folk who have trouble bending or kneeling. Porch and deck gardens are wonderful contained spaces with flat surfaces that make walking and tending easier for folks with limited mobility. Housebound individuals can enjoy planted containers on the windowsill or hanging in front of windows. 

Join Us!

There aren't a lot of activities nowadays that don't require some huge investment in time, resources, and of course, money. Gardening transcends all of that and not only provides an activity that anyone can partake in, but it also gives you the most wonderful reward in return: fresh food. Gardeners come from all walks of life and garden with a myriad of different techniques. They enter into and approach this activity with a host of varying reasons and each one is rewarded in their own way, whether it be with fresh vegetables, time spent outside, hours enjoyed with family, new knowledge, or as therapy. To all of them, gardening fulfills a need that we all have although we may not know it – a desire to reconnect with the earth, get our hands dirty, and provide for ourselves in the most basic way possible. Join us on this journey and reap the benefits we experience every day in our gardens.

Happy Gardening From Isla's Garden Seeds!

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