Gardens Improve Your Health!

The third great thing about having a garden is that is will improve your health. All those vegetables are good for you! Just don't smother them in butter. Studies show that people who grow their own fruits and vegetables eat more fruits and vegetables and therefore have better overall health as compared to those who just get them from the supermarket. It really is that easy to make a change in your health, all you have to do is take the first step and get yourself some seeds to plant...

Outdoor Garden Plot

This is the classic idea of a garden. A square space outdoors, small or large, in which seeds are planted every year. This space is wide open, usually unprotected from the elements, and expandable. If you have the space in your yard, this is the best option since it allows for a much bigger growing space than other options. It means you can plant more and you can choose plants that take up more space, like pumpkins and corn. This is not the type of garden for you if you, of course, don't have the space.

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