Growing Instructions: Pumpkins & Winter Squash

Pumpkins (and winter squash) need full sun and a long growing season. Start seeds indoors if you are in a cooler climate. They generally need between 70-100 days so make sure you choose a variety that has enough time to reach maturity in your climate or that you are starting them inside soon enough.

Direct sow when all danger of frost has passed. Plant 3-4 seeds 1" deep in large mounds around 6-8' apart. Pumpkins grow on vines that can reach 30 feet long so make sure you have lots of space in the garden for them to stretch out or train the vines to a trellis or support system. This works especially well with smaller pumpkins – larger ones are too big to be supported on a trellis. Another option is to plant them around the edge of the garden and direct the vines around the sides. Pumpkins can also be planted in rows 6'x6' apart.

Transplant seeds when all danger of frost has passed. The seedlings are extremely tender and cold temperatures will kill them. The soil temperature should be at least 65F. Pumpkins need about 2" of water per week. They are heavy feeders and benefit from manure, compost, or other fertilizers.

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