Sweet Gypsy Hybrid Pepper, 20 Heirloom Seeds Per Packet, Non GMO Seeds
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Sweet Gypsy Hybrid Pepper, 20 Heirloom Seeds Per Packet, Non GMO Seeds

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Growing Instructions: Bell Peppers

Peppers need a long hot growing season, especially if you want to harvest them when they are fully ripe. They can be picked when they are green or later when they are sweeter and change color – usually to red, yellow, or orange. Start seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before the last expected frost in cooler climates.

Plant peppers in full sun. The soil must be above 65F before they are planted or transplanted. Sow seeds 1/4" deep and cover lightly with soil. Space plants 18-24" apart in rows 1-2' apart. In cooler climates, warm up the soil by covering it with black plastic. Peppers need 1-2" of water per week. In hot climates, they will need more so they don't wilt. The longer the peppers stay on the plant, the sweeter they will be.

Approx seeds per order 10


Seeds are considered non-returnable due to reasons consistent with the returning of organic/living products.  Returns may be processed with unopened seed packets after communication with our company via email.  In the event a return is necessary please email us directly at islasgardenseeds.com


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