Planting Instructions - Flowers

Growing Instructions: Flowers

Planting flowers is quite simple. The seeds can be individually planted, although that can be difficult with extremely small seeds. Seeds that are too small to reliably space out should be broadcast over the desired area and then thinned out as needed. Broadcasting is the act of spreading the seeds over the space as evenly as possible.

The seeds should then have a thin layer of soil brushed on top of them. Don't bury them! 1/8” of covering is all that is necessary for these seeds.

Do not neglect thinning out the seedlings as they emerge. If you allow all of them to grow, you will not have strong healthy plants because there are too many competing for nutrients. Thin them out accordingly to the planting instruction for each flower. If there is no spacing instructions included, the flowers do not need to be thinned. They will sort themselves out automatically.

Flower seeds that are larger, like sunflowers, can be planted individually following the depth and spacing instructions listed for each type.

Always water the seeds directly after planting them and then water them consistently throughout the season.USDA ZONE MAP