Planting Instructions Beans

Growing Instructions: Bush & Pole Beans

Beans need around 6-8 hours of sun per day. Plant them after all danger of frost has passed and the soil temperature is at least 48F. Sow seeds 1” deep. For continuous harvests, plant bean seeds every 2 weeks. Make sure you will be around when they are ready as they will not stay well on the plants once they are mature. Beans always need to be picked straight away and will not wait until you are ready! If they are left to sit on the bush or vine for more than 2 days, they will not taste great.

Water beans regularly and deeply. Beans have shallow roots so weed carefully.

Bush Beans:  Grow in compact bushes, averaging around 2 feet tall. They do not need to be staked. Bush varieties are less maintenance than pole varieties. Bush beans mature all at the same time and need to be harvested in mass. Most varieties will give more than one harvest as long as the plants are healthy. Bush beans can be grown in containers.

Plant seeds 1” deep and 4-6” apart in rows that are 2-3 feet apart.

Pole Beans: Vine beans that can grow up to 15 feet long and need trellises, stakes, or fences to grow on for support. Pole varieties produce more beans than bush types and are generally more disease-resistant. Pole beans grow over a period of time, providing fresh beans for several weeks. As they are picked, they produce more.

Plant seeds 1” deep in mounds with 3-4 seeds in each at the base of your trellis or support. Make sure the support is set-up before you plant the seeds so the roots aren't disturbed by doing it later. Arrange supports at least 6” apart.