Top 10 DIY Garden Trellis Ideas

Top 10 DIY Garden Trellis Ideas

A well-built, sturdy trellis increases a vegetable garden's ability to expand, grow healthy, and produce well. Trellises allow plants to grow upwards, making use of vertical space to spread out and enhance access to much-needed sunlight. If you have a garden, most likely you have at least one or two trellises to support your climbing vine plants, but trellises can serve so many more purposes than just the obvious.

Garden trellises support plants, of course, but they also make excellent natural fences, privacy walls, increase available planting space (so important for small plots!), and are a great way to add style and flair to your garden. You can design a trellis that is purely functional or shows off your funky or classy gardening aesthetic!


Top 10 DIY Garden Trellis Ideas

1. Cattle Panel Trellis

This easy DIY trellis is extra sturdy, lasts for many, many years, and is simple to construct. It is excellent for cucumbers, beans, peas, and even small melons and pumpkins. DIY Cattle Panel Trellis


2. Pallet Garden Trellis

Pallets usually can be sourced easily and cheaply, oftentimes for free. This makes a pallet trellis an ideal inexpensive option, especially since it re-purposes old wood. DIY Pallet Trellis 


3. Recycled Bicycle Tire Trellis

This is a unique and innovative way to use old bike tires. And, it's super easy to set up with minimal effort or expense. This trellis is phenomenal for vining peas and pole beans. DIY Bicycle Tire Trellis


4. Teepee Trellis

This simple design is a classic -- arrange long poles in a teepee shape and wind twine around them as support. A bonus is that you can plant shade-loving plants in the center circle, and they'll be shaded by the bean or pea foliage. DIY Teepee Trellis


5. Lattice Privacy Trellis

Tall and attractive, this trellis is ideal for porches, patios, and other places where it will be seen. Plant vining grapes or flowers and use this to block out the neighbors. DIY Privacy Trellis


6. Moveable Wooden Frame Trellis

This framed trellis structure is perfect for raised beds and can be moved each season as needed. Plant melons, cucumbers, or squash to grow up the trellis, then plant shade-happy vegetables underneath to enjoy the protection of the dense foliage. DIY Wooden Frame Trellis


7. Re-Purposed Crib Trellis

Gardening folks sure are creative, and this is one of those fantastic ideas that blow our minds. It's quite simple, repurposing old wooden and metal crib slats as a climbing support for vining plants. It looks fantastic too! DIY Crib Trellis


8. T-Post Garden Trellis

With a few simple supplies from the garden store, you can put up this trellis is short time. All you need is a source of tree branches, some t-posts, and zip ties. This is a great project for someone who wants an afternoon project; get the kids to help, too! DIY T-Post Trellis


9. Wire Wall Trellis

This simple trellis is made up of wire and is attached to a wall to increase growing space and because it looks phenomenal when it has vines growing on it. This project can be done in an afternoon, just make sure you've got all the supplies first. DIY Wire Wall Trellis


10. The Ultimate Tomato Trellis

Supporting tomatoes takes some effort, and most store-bought options are seriously underqualified. Flimsy metal structures will collapse quickly, especially if you're growing some beefy tomatoes. This wooden trellis takes a tiny bit of work to construct, but it will last years with no problem. And, best of all, it will actually support the tomatoes! DIY Tomato Cage Trellis








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