How To Grow Godetia From Seed

How To Grow Godetia From Seed

A native North American wildflower, Godetia flowers are filled with charm and stunning coloring. Godetia blooms mark the transition from spring into summer, flowering from June all the way through August. The cup-shaped flowers with patterned heart-shaped petals shine anywhere they are planted.

All About Godetia

  • Godetias are annuals
  • Flowers range from 1-3 feet tall, depending on species. There are also dwarf varieties
  • Godetias are hardy to USDA zones 3-7
  • The flowers close up at night or during overcast weather.
  • The petals feel like satin, and have a shimmery appearance
  • In high wind areas, the tall stems may need staking

Fantastic Godetia Varieties

Rembrandt - Contrasting bi-color pink flowers, averages 12-18" tall.

Pure White - A snow-white single-color Godetia

Scarlet Dwarf - Bright scarlet-red blooms with a light pink center blush, grows 12-24 inches tall.

Cattleya Lilac - Light lilac flowers with a dark-pink center blush, averages 12-24 inches tall.

How To Grow Godetia From Seed

  1. Godetia does not transplant well, so it is best to direct sow. They grow quickly and don't need to be started indoors first.
  2. Plant outdoors in spring after all danger of frost has passed
  3. Choose a location in full sun
  4. Water the planting area first, so pressure of watering doesn't disturb the seeds later
  5. Rake the soil so it is loose
  6. Scatter Godetia seeds over the soil
  7. Very lightly press the seeds into the soil – this is best done by walking over them. Godetia seeds should never be buried – they need sunlight to germinate.
  8. Keep the soil moist until the seedlings sprout and are established
  9. Water, as needed through the growing season – usually a couple times a week if Mother Nature is not providing enough rain.
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