Best Gifts For Gardeners in 2022

Best Gifts For Gardeners in 2022

Holiday shopping for gardeners can be a bit challenging. Every garden is different and so is every gardener. Don't stress about it, though. This list is sure to please any gardener on your list! 

  1. Bucket Tool Organizer -- If you know a gardener, you surely know a gardener who has lost a tool or two in the garden. This bucket organizer is essential for keeping tools together, easily accessible, and it very handily fits around a 3- or 5-gallon bucket. So many uses! 

  2. SEEDS -- A gardener can never get enough seeds; it's seriously impossible. There are so many cool varieties to choose from too, so it's always a great gift every year. Isla's Garden has some phenomenal options, from Perennial Wildflower mixes to Rainbow Carrots to Black Cherry Tomatoes.

  3. Self-Watering Planter -- This cute little planter is excellent for gardeners stuck inside in winter without any dirt to play in. Cold weather shouldn't stop gardening! Get this with some of the seeds listed above, and you'll have a very happy gardener during the holidays!

  4. Joey Gardening Apron -- This isn't any ol' apron -- this is the apron every gardener needs when they head out to harvest "just a few things." Designed like a kangaroo pouch, this apron is an absolute life-saver for holding all the harvest.

  5. Grow Dammit Sign -- A gift sure to make the gardener laugh! Cute, metal sign with just the right sentiment.

  6. Butterfly Puddler -- A healthy garden has lots of beneficial insects, including butterflies. This stunning puddler gives them necessary water and nutrients. Use it to keep butterflies in your garden and to attract more!

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