8 Reasons To Grow Vegetables In A Raised Bed

8 Reasons To Grow Vegetables In A Raised Bed

Raised bed gardens offer many advantages over traditional dug-in-the-ground gardens. Each garden type has its place, but if you've been thinking of raised bed gardening, here's some reasons why it's awesome!

8 Reasons To Use Raised Bed Gardens

  1. No Digging – Starting a new vegetable garden in the backyard requires tilling or digging the soil. And this must be done every year to maintain the space. Raised beds bypass that step entirely, which is a blessing for your lower back!
  2. Impermanent – A raised bed can be a permanent structure, or if needed, it can be easily disassembled and removed. This is a valuable feature for folks who rent or don't have the option to create a traditional vegetable or flower garden. Landlords are much more likely to allow a raised bed garden than to let you dig up the lawn.
  3. Fewer Weeds! - Weed seeds spread easily across lawns and into vegetable gardens. The raised bed garden is higher up, which means weed seeds (the ultimate opportunists) have to work harder to get there. A garden without weeds is a wonderful thing!
  4. Set-up Anywhere – A raised bed is much easier to incorporate into a landscape. They can be used along perimeters, in the front or backyard, along entryways, on concrete, and on top of packed unproductive soil.
  5. More Productive – Small-space gardening methods mean every inch of space is used to produce magnificent vegetables.
  6. Easy Pest Control – Because the raised garden is a contained space, it is easier to notice and manage pests. Also, treating any pest issues is easier than in the long rows of a traditional garden location. As an added bonus, some pesky critters can't easily access a raised bed garden, like groundhogs and bunnies. If you're planning on growing lettuce or greens and there are lots of bunnies around, a raised bed may be the only way you get a harvest at all!
  7. Soil Management – Good soil is essential, and with a raised garden, you control the soil blend. If your yard has poor soil, a raised bed is the ideal way to still have a garden. Another great benefit, the soil is easily adapted to what you are growing. If you're planting specialty flowers, fill the bed with soil designed specifically for them.
  8. Design For Your Needs – A tall, raised garden bed is ideal for folks with limited mobility and those with back or knee issues. There is much less bending to plant, care for, and harvest the plants.

The Best Vegetables To Grow In A Raised Bed

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