12 Herbs and Edible Flowers To Grow in Hanging Baskets

12 Herbs and Edible Flowers To Grow in Hanging Baskets

Utilizing hanging planters to grow herbs and edible flowers is a fantastic way to broaden your available growing space. And thankfully, many of these herbs and flowers thrive in hanging baskets. It's entirely possible to grow a very robust garden just in hanging baskets, as long as you've got enough space to hang them!

Reasons To Use Hanging Baskets

  1. Expand available growing space
  2. Utilize unused vertical space to grow food
  3. Hanging baskets are movable, so they can be brought indoors or taken out depending on the time of year and weather.
  4. Plants in baskets are easier to maintain (minimal to no weeding!)
  5. Better accessibility for those with knee or back problems
  6. Easier to spot pests and diseases as they occur, as opposed to ground-planted gardens
  7. For appreciation and enjoyment, nice-smelling plants can be arranged near outdoor seating or walking areas.

6 Herbs For Hanging Baskets

This is just a small example of herb types that can be grown in hanging planters. Any herb under 2 feet tall can be planted in a hanging container. Some herbs, like mint and rosemary, will need to be trimmed continuously to remain small.

6 Edible Flowers For Hanging Baskets



Tips For Hanging Basket Plants Success

  • Regularly trim or pinch off new sprouts to keep growth under control. This also encourages the plants to grow bushy and not tall and spindly. It is especially important to do with herb plants.

  • Deadhead flowers (remove the dead flowers as soon as they die) to keep the container looking pretty and so the plant will keep producing. If you leave the dead flowers on the plant, it will slowly stop producing new flowers.
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